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When A Website Makeover Turns Into A Full Business Rebrand

Oftentimes we meet clients whose businesses are doing well but could be a bit more streamlined and confident in their brand and its presence. They have all the pieces in place and are busier than they could have hoped, but hesitate when sending contacts to their website. They know they need to make changes to their brand, but don’t have the time or resources to commit to the project. On top of all that, it’s a daunting task to hold a mirror up to yourself and your organization with the goal of defining who you are and where you’re going. But if you know there’s a problem there and it isn’t going away, you’re probably due for a full business rebrand.

As an example, AppCatalyst, a developer of healthcare digital self-care tools, partnered with Two Labs Creative for a website update in early 2018. They were initially looking for a simple reskinning and reorganization of their content to better incorporate and leverage their well-known, decade-old sub-brand, Self Care Decisions, that was most famous for its adult and pediatric Symptom Checkers.

Bringing Two Brands Together

However, the company recognized the need for a new identity going forward and was looking to launch new product solutions under this new identity. They were having trouble explaining how all of their brands and products fit together, especially as new elements emerged. We therefore sought to determine how the AppCatalyst and Self Care Decisions brands and products could come together under a new, cohesive visual identity and brand architecture.

Two Labs conducted a deep brand discovery dive for the company, and through stakeholder interviews, a thorough series of Q&A, and extensive market research, we proposed a new brand direction for the company overall. One that would become the master brand, with a new logo and identity system, and all while leveraging the heritage of the original company.

Creating a Brand to Grow Into

For their business rebrand, AppCatalyst became the parent brand for the company, sporting a new logo and color scheme that embraced the market recognition and equity of the original, older Self Care Decisions brand, but felt true to the direction of the company at-large. With a newly defined brand architecture, brand platform and visual brand ID, the website re-design became an efficient and easy process, along with the consolidation of the company’s content into a coherent verbal identity.

As a result, AppCatalyst now has the flexibility to leverage its most recognizable product, the Self Care Decisions Symptom Checker, while giving itself the room to continue to develop and launch new products for its healthcare clients.

See the full project here and learn more about Two Labs Creative’s process and service offerings now.

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